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Please keep PotRocks out of reach of children. PotRocks can be a choking hazard.
PotRocks can be washed with mild detergent in warm water, air dry. Do not iron, bleach or dye.
Dishwasher safe.
PotRocks are Fragile. Do not drop.
Do not lick PotRocks.
PotRocks are not for human consumption. May be harmful if swallowed.
PotRocks if left in the sun maybe hot, handle with care.
PotRocks left in the snow maybe cold, handle with care. Do not touch tongue to a cold PotRock
PotRocks are designed for adults 18 years and older.
Do not stick a PotRock in an electrical outlet.
PotRocks are for external use only.
Do not handle PotRocks while sleeping or unconscious
Do not place a PotRock in any electronic equipment.
PotRocks cannot protect any part of the body they do not cover.
A PotRock is not a safety protective device.
A PotRock is not intended for highway use.
Do not use PotRocks for drying pets.
Do not use PotRocks as a form of contraception.
Do not use PotRocks as earplugs.
PotRocks are not for weight control.
Do not use PotRocks orally after using rectally.
PotRocks are not to be used as a personal flotation device.
PotRocks are not intended for medical use.

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